Thursday, February 01, 2018

February's Bullet Journal

My eyeglasses.  My hearing aids.  My cell phone.  My Bullet Journal.  These are all things I couldn't possibly leave at home when I leave the house.

I set up my Miquelrius notebook for the month of February.  Want to see what I did?

I'm playing a little bit with fancier writing.  I'm really, Really, REALLY bad at it, so I am doing only the simplest of lettering.  Every so often, I search online for new styles of writing that don't look too scary for me to try.

I'm using Sharpie Pens currently and am very happy with them, but I'm always on the lookout for an additional fun pen.

I'm keeping track of books read and movies watched.

Do you track any other things?  Do you keep track of finished quilts or anything else?

2 comments: said...

Love this, Debby! Thanks for sharing! I love 💕 your movie tickets and bookshelf!

Crystal_235 said...

Love the bookshelf and tickets!!