Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cooking for Dummies

I learned how to cook as a newlywed, but I'm learning some new skills. My son is grown, so I am learning to cook smaller amounts. My daughter is a vegetarian, so I'm learning vegetarian/vegan cooking.

Tonight's dinner was a blending of new and old skills. I made:

Vodka sauce (very, very wonderful)
Non-vegetarian grated cheese

How, you may ask, does one make non-vegetarian grated cheese? It's quite simple, really.

1. Get out your shiny new cheese grater that your mom gave you for Christmas.

2. Grate some very delicious Parmesan cheese

3. Turn your hand slightly while grating and add a little meat to the cheese.

4. Whine a bit so you don't have to wash dishes with your injured hand.

5. Go to your sewing room and quilt while watching CSI:NY in front of the fire while your husband washes the dishes.

If you are short on quilting time or simply want to get out of doing dishes for a night, copy down this recipe, but make sure you have Shrek bandages. They make everything all better.

My apologies for the poor quality photo. If anyone has a simple way to use a camera with only their left hand while photographing their right hand, please let me know.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and anticipating a few sly emails coming my way, the vodka had nothing to do with the creation of the non-vegetarian cheese.


telfair said...

Sorry to hear about your cheese-related injury. If it's any consolation, many of my cheesy dishes have also borne a generous sprinkling of my own lifeblood as well (I am not adept with the grater.)

Happy New Year!

EileenKNY said...

I know of one way to avoidthis-buy the cheese already grated. Can't beat it.