Monday, September 26, 2016

Scrappy String Quilt

Often, I have "top-secret" quilting to do and can't show any in-progress pics because the quilt will be in a magazine or on a video somewhere.  Sadly, when the quilts are eventually returned to me, I often forget to show them to you!

This is one of those quilts.  It is a super-simple quilt that I absolutely adore:

This is a big throw size and it has covered a few of my hotel room beds.  I love sleeping under this quilt!

I dove into my string collection and pieced up some simple blocks like Bonnie Hunter taught me.  Then I set the blocks with narrow black sashing and a lot of black background, knowing that I was going to quilt the background with a contrasting color.

I used Midas Touch FabuLux thread for the decorative quilting and it just shines on this quilt.

I'm very proud of my Craftsy machine quilting classes.  This pattern is one of my favorites in my latest class, Stunning Free-Motion Quilting Using Simple Shapes.  This LINK will give you $20 off the regular price of the class (no need to wait for a sale!).  

Friday, September 23, 2016

I Did It Again!

I love to see co-ordinating fabric scraps.  When they are all pretty and stacked neatly together after I finish a project, they practically BEG me to make something with them.  Who am I to turn down a request from oh-so-pretty fabric?

I took scraps from a recent project and turned them into this beautiful pouch:

I used Lori Holt's tutorial to make yet another yummy zippered pouch with the leftovers from my nephew's wedding quilt:

As I mentioned in this post, I picked these fabrics because they match my Be Cool FabuLux thread.  See:

Do you make projects with the leftovers from other projects, or is it just me?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Cutie Quilt -- Fenced In Wedding Quilt

My nephew recently* got married and I made him a wedding quilt of his bride's choosing.  The bride chose my Fenced In Cutie Pattern, queen sized, in neutral cool colors.

This is the result:

The original Fenced In pattern makes a smaller quilt, but I doubled everything and added enough border to make it fit their bed.  Fortunately, it was easy math!

I will admit that when the bride said "neutral, cool colors" I was stumped for a while.  Then I remembered my Be Cool FabuLux thread:

What could be more neutral or cool than this turquoise, light lime, and gray thread?  I took the thread to the Quilt Basket and picked out some American Made Brand solid fabrics to match the thread:

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ribbon candy quilting.  This quilt SCREAMED for ribbon candy quilting but I wanted to keep this quilt neutral and calming so I quilted a simple swirl all over.  The Be Cool thread looked great on this quilt!

 The bride isn't a quilter but one of her first comments was "Does this thread change colors?  I've never seen that before.  How cool!"  Dear Nephew, keep this woman!!!

*By recently I mean about 14 months ago.  Don't judge me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Simple Life

I was on vacation last weekend and am having a wee bit of trouble with re-entry into my real life.  I'm catching up on paperwork, but a little incentive was needed.

BAM!  Stephanie's Simple Life block tutorial showed up in my email!  I'm spending today humming a song from The Music Man and working a little and quilting a little and working a little...

I prepare a lot of quilt kits for my machine quilting classes and have stacks of odds and ends of leftover black fabric.  I'm using up that black fabric plus scraps from my 1 1/2" scrap bin to make a throw quilt.  I love "everything but the kitchen sink" scrappy quilts set with black.  I have quite a collection of them already and can't wait to add this one.  I'm having an absolute blast and getting things done, too!

Be sure to enter the giveaway at Stephanie's blog, while you are there!

Speaking of work, have you ordered Stephanie's Quilter's Planner yet?  I am deep into 2017 planning and simply can't wait for my new planner to arrive!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Cutie Pattern! Forever In Peace

I am tickled to announce that my latest Cutie Pattern, Forever in Peace, is available in my online store HERE.

My quilt:

This 70"x70" quilt is now touring as a sample, but I took a close-up photo of the quilt to remind me how much fun I had quilting this one!

Surprising few, I quilted ribbon candy in this quilt and used FabuLux Midas Touch thread.  Ribbon candy and Midas Touch are two of my go-to tools in my quilting toolbox.

I used Andover Patriotic 2017 fabric in this version of the quilt and plan to make many more of these in other fabrics.  While the patriotic fabrics look great in this quilt, I hope to eventually make this pattern in modern fabrics to see how that looks, too.

Quilts of Valor is one of my favorite quilting charities and I had them in mind when I designed this quilt.  I will definitely be making a few of these quilts to donate to this wonderful charity helping wounded servicemen and servicewomen.

Friday, September 09, 2016

From the Vault -- Meadow Breeze quilt

Way back in 2010, the fabulous Pat Sloan offered and online block of the month called Meadow Breeze.  I, in my "I will live forever and easily be able to finish all of my hand applique projects" way, decided to hand applique this quilt.  Needle-turn, even!

I started strong but slowed down over time and eventually put the project aside.  I am going through all of the projects in my sewing room and trying to deal with them.  I discovered this project in its half-done state and decided it was done enough.  I put together the bits that were finished and called it good enough.

I added some very simple background quilting in white and golden yellow.  Last year, my dear mother-in-law saw this in pieces and kept repeating "I really love this quilt!"  Well, I took a hint and recently gave it to her for her birthday.

My quilt is missing some applique in the borders, but my in-laws both declared it "our favorite quilt yet!"

Thanks for a great quilt along, Pat!!!

I'm off to dig through my sewing room and find some other golden oldie unfinished quilts!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Quilting with Rulers and Marking a White Sashing

I'm quilting a future possible Cutie Quilt pattern and this pattern has an odd-shaped sashing.  I'm treating myself by using Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Mostly Manor fabrics in this test quilt.  I usually use scraps in case I don't like the pattern, but using yummy fabrics makes pattern testing such a joy!  I  am spending a lot of time petting this quilt while I'm quilting it.

The sashing fabric is white and I marked it with my Bohin Chalk Pencil:

Can you see the markings?  No?  Well, let me turn on an ultra-violet light:

Cool, huh? I am quilting on my Handi Quilter Fusion and the UV lights are a feature.

It's time to quilt.  I grabbed my Handi Quilter Mini Scallop Ruler and started quilting from the middle to the point, all the way around the sashing:

I formed a diamond:

Can you see how the white thread is showing up against the white fabric?  Another fun feature of quilting under UV light.

Next I grabbed my Handi Quilter Right Angle Ruler and used the markings to help me stitch a diamond inside of the diamond:

Do you see anything missing here?

Like ribbon candy?

Since I am using my stitched lines as markings, I no longer need the UV light so I turned it off.

The ribbon candy is stitched all along the edge of the sashing, acting like stitch in the ditch without actually having to stitch in the ditch.  You say lazy; I say efficient.  Tomato, to-mah-to.

That unquilted diamond in the center of the sashing looks a little lonely.  I need to add some quilting:

I don't need to mark where I want to quilt because I can use the lines on the Right Angle Ruler as guidelines.

Perfect inner diamond inside the inner diamond.  No marking required!

You know what's coming next, don't you?  MORE RIBBON CANDY!

I like this design, I think.  I love trying new things when I quilt.  Sometimes they are the best thing since sliced bread; other times they aren't ideal.  Sometimes it takes a while to decide.  Any way, the quilt is quilted and I always learn something!

Now that I'm committed, I have to quilt this design in 70 more sashings!

Because you were going to ask: I will wash this quilt when finished and those chalk marks will go away.

Because you were also going to ask this: Yes, I will definitely show you pictures of the finished quilt when the powers that be (the Cutie Quilt Pattern people) decide what we're doing with this pattern, if anything.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 02, 2016

Quilty Zip Bag -- from leftovers

It is an understatement to say that my sewing room overwhelms me.  I have so So SO many projects in here and even finishing them doesn't seem to lessen the overwhelm.  Every project leaves scraps and they overwhelm me, too.  I'm trying to finish my scraps as I finish each project.  I'm not 100% successful, but I'm willing to try anything to have peace in my sewing room!

I recently showed a few pics on FaceBook and InstaGram of a pattern I'm designing.  I can usually design in EQ7 or on paper, but this quilt was being ornery and I needed to grab some fabric to see if it worked.  I grabbed a bunch of somewhat coordinating scraps, sliced, sewed, and was (I hope) successful!  The quilt is finished but the pattern is still in process.  

I took the leftovers from this rather dark and drab scrappy quilt and made a Quilty Zip Bag which I have made before and officially nicknamed "The Cutest Pouch Pattern Ever."

Even in drab colors, this pouch is ADORABLE!

I can only show a sneak peek of the quilt that gave birth to this pouch:

Sadly, I still have some scraps leftover.  Any suggestions on what to make from this pile of bits?

I might just cry "Uncle" and throw these in the scrap bin.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Splendid Sampler block 54 -- Machine Quilting Tutorial

As you are hard at work on your Splendid Sampler quilt blocks, I am hard at work thinking of ways to quilt all of these beautiful blocks!

I recently pieced Jane Davidson's Shell block (#54):

Pat Sloan's Hometown Girl fabrics looked GREAT in this block!

Watch how I quilted this block:

These tools and products helped me quilt my block:

I used AuriFil 50 weight thread

Handi Quilter Mini Scalop Ruler

Handi Grip

I love how my block turned out!

If you want more machine quilting instruction, check out my Craftsy machiine quilting classes HERE -- and they are all 50% off!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cutie Quilt -- Stepping Stones (machine quilting video)

I recently finished another Cutie Quilt from my Stepping Stones pattern:

This simple quilt makes me happier than I can express.  I love the high contrast of the royal blue fabric against Pat Sloan's fabrics.

This quilt has a 20-inch block.  That's a big block!

I could have quilted it in small sections, but I loaded the quilt on my Handi Quilter Fusion (her name is "Bella") and was able to quilt the entire block without rolling the quilt:

I quilted TONS of ribbon candy on this quilt, because ribbon candy is the world's most perfect quilting design.  See:

I used Royal Robes, one of my FabuLux threads, on the royal blue fabric.

Since the thread is blue, purple, and green it might seem risky, but I quilted a pillow as a test to see if I liked the thread color.

I did!  I really liked the color!

I used a Mini Scallop ruler with Handi Grip to quilt the simple "X" in each rectangle.

I chose Hint of Lime from my FabuLux threads because... well... it's LIME!

This quilt has to work as a sample for a while, but I will pine away for it an anxiously await its return!

This quilt is one of a series.  I bought a fat quarter pack of Pat Sloan fabrics and decided to make this Oh My Stars Cutie Quilt:

When I finished this quilt, I had enough fabric to make a Squared Away Cutie Quilt:

See more details and machine quilting videos on this quilt series HERE

So, I've now made three quilts from the same fat quarter pack from Quilting Possibilities, and I still have fabric left.  Which quilt should I make next?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bloom Sew Along, Block Two

I'm a little behind on Lori Holt's Bloom Sew Along blocks.  The sew along is over and I'm on block two, so I think that technically makes me a LOT behind!

But I'm still loving it.  Here's block two:

Are you as overwhelmed with the adorableness as I am?  I am making this quilt from scraps and apparently I have really darling scraps.

I had to join blocks One and Two together, just to prove to myself that this as the cutest quilt ever.

Am I right? Or, am I right?

I will be traveling this week and hope to take Block Three with me, prepped and ready to hand applique.  Have InvisiFil thread, will travel!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet Tooth placemats (machine quilting video)

In last week's FaceBook Live video (Debby Brown Quilts), I asked if you wanted me to film a tutorial on how I quilted some scrappy placemats.  The answer was "Yes!" but perhaps I should have asked if anyone could guarantee that I had electricity?  It's been a rough summer in my forest with trees falling on wires weekly, but (fingers crossed) I have power and can upload the video now.

These placemats are going to live with Mom:

They were made using a variation of my Sweet Tooth Cutie pattern from leftover bits from this incredibly sweet baby quilt:

Read the full details about this baby quilt HERE.

I pulled in some golden yellow fabric as a background fabric.  I think it looks great against the floral print:

I quilted the golden background fabric using Midas Touch, one of my FabuLux threads from WonderFil.  Surprising no one, I used a lot of Ribbon Candy.  A Lot.

If the tress keep standing and the electricity stays on, I hope to have more videos for you shortly.  Happy quilting!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cutie Quilt -- Share & Share Alike

I just finished a super-sweet Cutie Quilt from my Share and Share Alike pattern.

The fabric line is Baby Gone Wild from Clothworks designed by Masha D'yans.  I used wool batting from Fairfield and the loft shows off the quilting beautifully!

I cut the pieces for this quilt while I was in my hotel room in Grand Rapids last week:

I quickly pieced and quilted it as soon as I got home.  I love having pre-cut quilt kits ready for me to push through my machine!

I chose an unexpected thread color for quilting this quilt -- Rocking Horse in my FabuLux line.

It is pastel peach, blue, and mint green.  At first look, this thread shouldn't look good on this quilt. After quilting, though, I'm completely convinced it was the best choice!

I couldn't decide which free-motion quilting design to use on this quilt top, so I took a bunch of different designs from one of my Craftsy Classes and stitched them randomly over the quilt top:

This quilt is currently hanging in the Quilt Basket booth at World Quilt Show New England in Manchester, NH.  If you are visiting that show this weekend, stop by and have a closer look!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Bobbins & Bits Pillow -- I passed the test!!!

I did it!  I quilted up a pillow as a thread test for a larger quilt and I learned so, So, SO much!!!

The quilt pattern this was a leftover from is Stepping Stones.  The pillow pattern is Complete Your Suite Accent Pillow.  The threads are Hint of Lime FabuLux and Royal Robes FabuLux.  The test was to see if I liked the variegated green/blue/purple thread on the blue fabric.  Honestly, when I quilted the pillow I wasn't in love with the thread choice but I wanted to wait a few days to see if it grew on me.

I filmed a video of the quilting, showing free-motion quilting and ruler work on my new Handi Quilter Stitch 710 machine!

In the video, I used a Handi Quilter Mini Scallop Ruler and Handi Grip to keep it from sliding around on the fabric.

I quilted this before my trip to AQS Quilt Week in Syracuse and initially wasn't thrilled with my thread choice.  When I got home from the quilt show, though, I stitched this sample into a pillow.  Seeing it again after a week away, I really liked the variegated thread.  I liked the contrast of the blue fabric against all of the colored rectangles and was worried a variegated thread would lessen the contrast.  After a week away, I saw with fresh eyes that it didn't.

I will be quilting my Squared Away quilt with Royal RobesFabuLux thread.  My test pillow was a huge success!!

This pillow is one item in a series that I'm quilting from the same batch of fabric.  See more of the projects and more machine quilting vidoes HERE.

If you are in love with Pat Sloan's Bobbins & Bits fabrics like I am, I found some in Quilting Possibilities in Forked River, NJ.  Stop by their darling shop, or order online HERE.

Monday, August 01, 2016

My Latest Craftsy class is online!

My latest Craftsy Class, Stunning Free-Motion Quilting Using Simple Shapes, is now online!!!  All of my teasing can come to an end.  The answers to all of the "What is your class about?" questions can be found by watching the trailer below:


If you've seen my recent quilts, you know that these designs often show up in my work.  Now, you can learn to quilt them yourself!

The folks at Craftsy are GREAT!  They treat me like a star!

Danica fixes me up first thing every morning:

Clif, my producer, is amazing and I loved working with him again:

I had such a great time filming this, my third class and hope to share even more quilting goodness with you in the future!

Use THIS LINK to buy this class for $20 off the regular price.

Happy Quilting!