Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In Search Of: Sanity

Nearly 6 months ago, my house was destroyed when a tree fell on it.  We've been living in chaos ever since, waiting for the insurance to come through, the contractors to be available, and the stars to align.  They finally did, and my house is HOPPING!

Since the insurance company couldn't match our damaged, faded, 1974 powder-blue aluminum sidingk (who knew?), my house is now green, shutterless, with fresh white trim.

I now have walls and ceilings.

I picked out paint last night.

To keep sane through this chaos, I'm quilting.  I pulled out my Squared Away Cutie Pattern and a pack of orange fat eighths.  I'm ready to piece today while they (maybe?) start framing a door for my sewing room.  Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Which background would you choose?

Feel free to suggest something that I haven't shown, as well.


Carol said...

How about something with brown?
Carol Berg

Carol said...

How about something with brown?
Carol Berg

Cindy Nile said...

Yes, I like the idea of brown as well.

QuiltGram said...

Have you auditioned a soft pale pink. A sort of non describable pink and quite pale.

Ann D said...

How about a color similar to your Iron Mountain paint chip. Or something on the opposite side of the color wheel, purple?

Kerry said...

I like the black which would make the orange sing. Although for a more subtle look, maybe powder blue - and like Ann D suggested - purple. Fun to have so many choices though!

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