Thursday, August 22, 2019

Happy Little Things Block of the Month

If I had to describe this summer in three phrases, they would be:

1.  Broken collarbone
2.  Really, really hot
3.  Lots of travel

I don't feel like I had much fun quilting time this summer because of those same three reasons. 

It's still really, really hot this week but I am home and (mostly) recovered from my broken collarbone and it's TIME TO SEW!

I signed up to make Jacquelynne Steve's Happy Little Things free block of the month and finally was able to make the first block!

I chose to make mine in sold fabrics because I have some fun machine quilting plans.

Flying geese have always been a struggle for me, but Jacquelynne has a great tip for piecing them accurately.  Also, I tried out my new Folded Corner Clipper ruler:

I was able to line up the edges of my pieces, trim them, stitch them and press them.  I didn't have to mark each square and trim later.  It was WONDERFUL!

Are you signed up for Happy Little Things?  Why not?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

It's a Cover Up!

Even in the summer when I'm suffering in my house that doesn't have air conditioning, I wear an extra layer.  "Why?" you ask?

Because it's useful and adorable!

This is my Reversible Cross-Back Cutie Apron pattern made with Big Bang fabrics from Northcott.  As you can see in the photo, it has pockets.  It fits me (size XL) but also fits tinier folks (size Regular).  It's reversible with pockets on both sides!  And I have a darling kit for sale.  Did I mention the pockets?  What more could you ask for?

The publisher of the Cutie Patterns, the Quilt Basket in Wappingers Falls NY, filmed a tutorial about making these aprons.

Be sure to check out their online store for more Cutie Patterns and fabric choices!

I have two aprons, Hello Kitty and Big Bang, but have plans to make many more!

I'm also thinking of making a child-sized apron pattern.  What would you think of that?

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

My New Travel Companion -- Oliso Mini Project Iron

Last weekend, I got to try out my new Oliso Mini Project Iron and I LOVED IT!

I was working at the World Quilt New England quilt show in Springfield, Massachusetts and sewing in my hotel room in the evenings.  This little iron was easy to hold, hot enough for my quilting needs, and easy to store for travel.

I filmed this video to answer several of the questions that I received after posting about this iron on Instagram.

What is your favorite travel sewing product or tip?

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I Made This!

A long, Long, LONG time ago, before I learned to quilt, I made clothing.  Ball gowns, prom dresses, mother of the bride dresses, all of my own clothing, clothing for my children, and more.  Then I learned to quilt.

I don't think I've made more than five pieces of clothing since I learned to quilt and I know I've made only one in the last decade, so it was a BIG DEAL for me to cut into one of the many patterns I've purchased thinking "I should really make all of my own clothes again."

I present to you, Katelyn's Tunic:

(Please oh please notice my gorgeous Fluevog shoes!)

I cut out the pattern, cut out my fabric, and pulled out my unused-for-years-and-years serger.  I pulled out the directions for threading that beast serger:

I looked for buttons on it and tried to scroll, but this iPad didn't work for me.  Fortunately there was a threading diagram inside my machine.

I actually had fun while piecing this top!  When I tried it on and discovered it was uncomfortable on my upper arms, I had less fun.  I messed around and inserted a gusset under each arm:

It isn't the prettiest gusset ever, but if you are looking that closely at my underarms, you deserve what you see.

I plan to make this pattern in different fabrics in the future -- maybe a Katelyn Dress?  I will re-draft the pattern to make the arms more comfortable for me.

Stay tuned for the next addition to my wardrobe!