Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have a preposition for you

Over the next 28 days, I will be:

  • in my studio, quilting a designer sample for a magazine
  • in my studio, quilting two designer samples for Quilt Market
  • in Fremont, Nebraska
  • in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • in Nashua, New Hampshire
  • in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • in Houston, Texas
  • in-volved in an undisclosed writing project
  • in the doctor's office (routine maintenance)
  • in the dentist's chair (not routine maintenance)
  • in the final stages of publish two patterns
  • in the local quilt shop, teaching one of the above patterns
  • in five hotels
  • in nine airplanes
  • in my car ... a lot!
  • in-sane
  • in serious need of a rest

For more prepositions, check out this video: