Saturday, April 01, 2006

I LOVE MY JOB! (explained)

I really do love my job. I love quilts. I love longarming. I love my customers. I love working at home.

Sometimes the saying "so many quilts, so little time" is really true. I'm working twice the hours I normally work. When I'm not working, I'm worrying about what work isn't getting done. That part of my job I don't love.

Since that is something I have control over, I'm working to do that. My work schedule has been readjusted and my waiting list just got a little longer and the sun will still rise in the morning (who knew?).

God has given me a great life -- a wonderful husband, great kids, a measure of financial security (I have a roof, food, clothing, and a job), and I feel it's just not right to turn something that is great into something that drains me and makes me rather unpleasant to be around.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the ballet. I hope to post about that and a few other things next week.