Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"Up All Night" Quilting

Yesterday I had one of my periodic infusions to keep my Relapsing Polychondritis under control.  The drugs work wonders and have given me back a somewhat normal life.  The side effects of the meds are moderate but acceptable.  The steroids that they give me with my drugs, however, are pure evil.  I understand why I need them, but I hate them.

Accepting things that I cannot change, I pre-cut fabric for a steroid-fueled sewing binge while I'm not sleeping.

Here's how last night went:

My first quilt finish was Squared Away with a Red and White Cutie Pack

In my war against scraps, I decided to use the extra blocks and scraps of leftovers immediately after finishing the quilt.  All went well until it was time to bind the placemats and potholder:

D'oh!  I twisted the binding when I sewed to together.  No problem!  I'll just pick it out and fix it:

Steroids keep me wide awake but sadly, they don't make me smarter.

Normally, at this point I'd say "Time for bed!"  Well, since I am physically incapable of sleeping, I'll just keep at it until I get it right.

It's just not getting any better!


It was all worth it in the end, though:

Still wide awake, I started on another pre-cut project:

This is a Bowl of Cherries Cutie Quilt made with on-hand brown fabrics and hot pink accents and I totally love it! 

I'm off to make myself some dinner since I couldn't eat at all yesterday.  Then maybe I'll try to rest my eyes for a (please oh please let it happen) nap.

Happy Quilting!


justmakeitfit@gmail.com said...

I hope you're not reading this right now because you're napping! So sorry for your binding trouble but oh am I glad you posted that. I had that problem once and was it ever frustrating! How many times have I correctly sewn a binding and what, all of a sudden I don't know how? "ok, yeah this is fun". Hope you feel way better very soon.

Vireya said...

That last join in the binding can be a killer! Glad you got it sorted in the end.

Pamela Arbour said...

I have been thinking of you all day and even cut out an a la mode cutie quilt and got the strips sewn together. I hope you did get a nap.

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