Friday, February 07, 2020

Color Blocks Scrap Quilt

It was my privilege to make Color Blocks Baby Quilt for Annie's Creative Studio and I had leftover fabric bits.  They begged me to make them into a little quilt:

This quilt will eventually be gifted to a baby or someone in need of a lap quilt.  I'm sure it will make someone happy.

What made me happy, though, was machine quilting this sweet little quilt.

I've heard some rules for choosing machine quilting patterns.

Them:  "You should quilt round quilting if the piecing is square"

Me:  "Oh yeah?"

I put my walking foot on my machine and cross-hatching this quilt.  I didn't follow the lines, though; I dropped a pair of chopsticks and however they fell determined my quilting lines.

Yes, really that's how I did it.

To make this quilt even more fun, I quilted it using FabuLux Rocking Horse variegated thread, because it just goes with EVERYTHING!

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