Monday, February 10, 2020

I. Am. Ready

Today is an infusion day.  I have a rare autoimmune disease and it is kept under control with periodic IV infusions.  I will sleep for most of the 6-8 hours I'm plugged in, come home and feel punky, and then either sleep non-stop or be WIDE AWAKE for the following 24 hours or so. 

I have the Law & Order DVD set and many good books on Audible to keep me company.  I'm also well-prepared for mindless quilting:

I've pre-cut a few Squared Away Cutie quilts, one in red and white prints and the other using Jillily's This & That fabric line.  They will be fun to piece today and even more fun to machine quilt later.  Can you say Ribbon Candy?

Do you ever prepare for mindless quilting for sick days or snow days or "just because" days?


Linda P in IL said...

Thinking of you...and hope all goes well. I try to not do mindless sewing because I don't like spending time with Jack.. I do have several projects that can be worked on when I have free time.

Pamela Arbour said...

I hope it goes well for you with no surprises and you get a lot of sewing done. I really don’t prepare for mindless sewing but maybe I should.

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