Thursday, December 19, 2019

Evolution of a Scrap Quilt -- Pterodactyl One

When it comes to snow days, I'm still a child.  This week's predicted snowstorm turned into an ice storm, which was still a good excuse to stay in my PJs and play in the sewing room.  This was the result:

I started with the leftovers from a recent (super-secret) project:

and I asked myself, borrowing from the movie Airplane "What do I make of this?"

Since the movie quote is "I can make a hat, a brooch... a pterodactyl" and since I am not making a hat or a brooch, I make must be a Pterodactyl.

I pulled out some white fabric and prepped to do some applique:

My husband and I are looking forward to the release of the final Star Wars movie and watching all of the previous movies.  I finished this applique block during our movie binge, so it was time to make some decisions.

What will this 12" block turn into?

I bordered it with leftover yellow and added the leftover Drunkard's Path blocks:

I still had a few blocks left and some scraps of fabric, so I pieced together another border:

And the final quilt is 41" square (and photographed on the ice on the remains of my deck):

This quilt is going to be so fun to quilt!  The name of this quilt is Pterodactyl One.  I have bags and Bags and BAGS of quilt leftovers.  They will become Pterodactyls, too.


Beth Timms said...

Do you hand applique? If so, can you, when you have time, do a video? this is gorgeous! makes me want to get in my sewing room

mboykin said...

What a lovely use of your leftover pieces. Love it’s name!

Sandal said...

A beautiful quilt from leftovers! You have such an amazing creative mind, Debby!