Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I've had some interesting experiences on the road recently. Unfortunately, a lot of them involved tow trucks.

My husband and I have had several 'date night' trips to drop my car at the shop. I enjoyed spending that time with my husband, but I would have preferred candle-lit dinners. With what we paid the mechanic, they would have been some ah-ma-zing dinners.

We started visiting exciting places with bright lights and friendly people. Places like this:

and others like Pontiac, Nissan, and Dodge.

After too many days spent without a working vehicle, I finally have a new baby:

Ugly car comments? Bring them on!


Screen Door said...

Way too cute--- you'll be a babe in it...I love it. Besides-- Good gas milage will make 'ugly' more tolerable.....quilt money....

Marla said...

what is it? lol!

bingo~bonnie said...

yeah, what model is it?? can't tell who makes it.

and of course we need to see pics of the inside! I'm sure there are some super cool features - all the new cars have such neat things these days... and to think, all I wnated was a cup holder when I did my last trade in! LOL

Love from Texas! ~bonnie