Friday, September 26, 2008


Notice I didn't imply that I finished anything. These are some the projects the gals at my quilt retreat last weekend were working on.

The fabrics in this evening bag are so yummy you just have to touch them:

I think this bag is going on a trip at some point. Maybe it's large enough to smuggle me aboard?

A strip swap from a previous retreat finally got finished:

My favorite lawyer and I started this quilt 18 months or so ago. Mine's in pieces in a box. Here's my friend's:

She's such an over-achiever! (And I love her even though she can't comment on my blog)

We clucked away all weekend making chicken blocks:

They grew up and turned into this quilt:

The retreat ended Sunday afternoon. The quilt was quilted, bound, and delivered to the intended recipient by Wednesday. Apparently there's more than one over-achiever in the group.
I managed to piece a simple scrap quilt:

This will be a wedding gift for another of my daughter's teachers. He's getting married in October.

And I miss my A number-1 quilt holder upper. He went back to college.


dot said...

Wow, what wonderful finishes. I really like the chickens and the log cabin star with the trees.

PKM said...

I completely finished that Bear in the Woods quilt Deb - Now I can book a date to quilt it with you for January? February? March?
No pictures of the quilted chicken quilt? Do we have to see it with J's mommy in it when she gets it?
Missed you on Sat. Love you<
Your favorite lawyer.

nannergirl said...

Love the pics...looks like a successful weekend for all.