Thursday, June 18, 2009

Product testing

My son has a special young woman in his life. Soon she will be his wife. They didn't exactly spring this on us since they've been mostly together since the sixth grade.

My future daughter-in-law accompanied us to my son's graduation in Ohio. She brought along the quilt that I made her for her 16th birthday:

The fabric was Annabelle from P&B and the pattern is Terry Atkinson Confetti in the Corner. The quilt has been to many states and a few foreign countries. It's been well-loved and oft-laundered. The quilt should survive for many more years, but I'll be happy to replace it when called upon to do so.


Kim said...

the quilt has legs :0)....
it's a beauty and is there anything more satisfy then a quilt you have made being well loved?

Happy Sewing

Bonnie said...

Yes, what a testament to the maker and the happy recipient! b.