Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday finish -- Matt's quilt

At our late Christmas celebration last weekend, my neice's beau received this quilt:

It's remarkably similar to this quilt and this quilt. They are all 60x72 inches and all quilted using Handi Quilter's Groovy Boards in the wide strips. I meandered next to the feathers, and used a ruler to quilt Xs in each small rectangle.

The blue fabrics were all scraps. The yellow check was purchased (last year so it counts as stash now) specifically for this quilt. The backing and binding were from stash. The batting was pieced from all those long leftover strips of batting that seem to multiply like rabbits in my studio.

I have a couple more of these quilts pieced, so be on the lookout for future Friday finishes.

I have a dear blog and real-life friend who would love this quilt. Part of me hoped my neice's boyfriend wouldn't like the quilt so I could give it to her, but the rest of me is glad he liked it.

Stash used this week: 9.25 yards
Stash used year to date: 13.25 yards

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Bonnie said...

Ah Debbie -- join me in my mental game of how much fabric I use. I won't report weekly, only monthly on my fabric usage. Any quilting fabric in or out gets counted. I even count fabric I buy specifically for a project that I know is being used right away. (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.) This gives me a way to see how much I am actually using. I only allow myself to count something that is completely finished unless it is something I send off in an unfinished state -- blocks for drawings, etc. Good luck. You already have a great start. B.