Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's official...

... I'm addicted to thread.

I've already spoken of the joy that is Accent thread from WonderFil. I have a doily to prove my everlasting devotion. But as a mother can love more than one child, I can love more than one thread.

I recently finished an applique project, so it was time to pull out a new (old) project. I chose this block of the month from Pinwheels :

Maria, the designer, did a fabulous job with this quilt. The fan/plate is hand-stitched together using English paper-piecing techniques and then hand-applique it to the background.

For the applique, I pulled out my new collection of InvisiFil thread:

Isn't that just the most lovely sight ever?

It is 100 weight polyester and is absolutely fantastic for hand-applique (and many other types of sewing, too!). The thread disappears between the applique and the background making the applique look flawless. I almost want to un-stitch the first 15 blocks and re-do them with InvisiFil, but I'm holding myself back.
Watch the progress of this quilt on my design wall on Mondays.


Kim said...

Thread Envy!!!
That should keep you busy for a while....

Love the hand applique with the English paper piecing.....lovely

Happy sewing

Big Rig John said...

OK I will confess - I too am addicted to thread and fabric and beads and.... the list goes on. I think I need so of this stuff!

Diane said...

eegads-I'm in love those colors are crazy fabulous.
I'm just becoming thread nuts--at first I was scared of threads...but now I'm starting to want to experiment-if only more hours in the day.

Cindy said...

Love the English pieced work- I have a dresden plate from Pinwheels I'm working on, but I lack your beautiful thread stash- I'm envious!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

what an interesting idea, I had no idea these were available.