Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hotel Room Sewing

I am having so much fun teaching some wonderful quilters in Pelham, NH this weekend and got to spend some quilting time in my hotel room.

I finished piecing and putting borders on this scrappy four-patch quilt:

It is not too exciting to look at, but I also finished piecing a king-sized quilt back:

What are you working on this weekend?


Gari said...

What a great use of your "down" time. I have done some motel sewing and I find that it is a great use of time in what would otherwise be a very boring evening. I really don't like hotels/motels: would rather be in my own space. But bringing my space to the motel room works.

Kim said...

Well its not much to look at YET...I'm waiting for the quilting :0)

Happy Sewing, safe travels