Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Super Serious Quilt

While on call for jury duty this week, I started another fun quilt project.  It's a very serious quilt, since quilting is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS (wink).  

There are letters on this quilt that spell out a word or phrase.

Any guesses yet?

How about now?


Last chance!

The colors in all of the photos are so different, yet none really shows the color of this quilt.  There has been absolutely no sun this week.  I will take a photo of this quilt in sunshine as soon as I am able.  Until then, here is the photo of the entire quilt:

I made this quilt for one person, but now can think of three others who deserve a Rock Star quilt.  I will have to make more!

What words should be on my next super-serious quilt?


Leeanne said...

I think 'SUPER QUILTER" would be great for you!

Diane said...

love it and the idea!

Kerri said...

That's so neat. Was it all done on your sweet sixteen stationary machine? Wow!

Kerri said...
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Sharon said...

I love it! Are the letters made from chenille?
I think the way you quilted it is fantastic. It makes me think that I should try my quilting skills on a small whole cloth quilt.

Unknown said...

Ooooo! What batting did you use to get the stitches to show off that nicely?! It's AWESOME!

Debby Brown said...

Sharon, the letters are actually made of thread. I just quilted them on!

You should definitely try a small wholecloth quilt!!!!