Friday, October 17, 2014


I've been trying to have a "more out than in" philosophy about my house, hoping to clear some flat surfaces, especially in the sewing room.  The folks at the post office are getting to know me as I often visit them to mail out boxes of love.

This week, I am visiting my mom and I hand-delivered something from my sewing room:

Halloween placemats with matching napkins!

I am trying my hardest to finish up that bag of Halloween fabrics, scraps and all.  I pieced the backs:

Some ladies at my guild saw the pieced backs as I was binding these at our meeting and said "You are a modern quilter!"  Um, yes?

Mom and I will have festive meals while I am here visiting.  And if we become sloppy, we will use the backs!

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Paula Reid said...

Yeah, my husband says I have flat surface disease, too.. He's hoping I will emulate you in search of a cure.