Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doesn't everyone own these?

I'm leaving for Australia today and am packing a couple items that most people might not own.

A high-vis vest:

At the expo center in Australia, you can not be in the building during set up or tear down without a high-vis vest.  I have borrowed one every other time I've been there, but this year?  I'm prepared!

A dual-voltage hair dryer:

When I travel internationally, I have two choices of hair styling:

1.  Use whatever dryer might be in the hotel.
2.  Use my own hair dryer.

Option 1 doesn't work because I have never had a decent hairdryer in another country.  The dryer in Dubai was less useful than someone blowing out a birthday candle near me.  Option 2 doesn't work because I  have lost several hair dryers from the high voltage, including my Hello Kitty hair dryer!

Some might think that there is another option:

3.  Let my hair dry naturally.

No.  Just No!

I finally bought a dual-voltage hair dryer and hope to have pretty hair during this trip.

The blog will be quiet some days this week since I am overseas.  If you are bored or miss me, you could comfort yourself by watching my Craftsy class.  You might be able to finish one of the class projects by the time I get back home:

Play nicely while I'm away, OK?

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barefootT said...

Safe journey ;)