Friday, June 17, 2016

Book Crush

I just got a new hair-do to prepare for a top-secret quilting event that has me quilting nearly non-stop this week:

I frequently listen to audiobooks.  When I'm quilting my fingers to the bone preparing for some super-secret quilting events, I listen to an average of one audiobook per day.  Most books are entertaining enough to keep me quilting and for that I'm grateful.  It's a happy occurrence, then, when I read a book that instantly makes my heart sing.  The combination of the finely crafted words, the narration, and (for me) the smart humor keeps me listening while whispering to myself "Please be true.  Please be true."  My biggest fear is that this "Oh my heck I love this book more than oxygen!" feeling will be ruined by the book not finishing as strongly as it started.

In 2015, I read two books that started and finished strong and made my heart happy every second in between:
1.  The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas  This book was a "Why have I never read this before?" book.  It was long and I savored every single word.  I will definitely read this again.  Have you read it?  My advice:  read the book, skip the movie.
2.  The Martian by Andy Weir  Geeky.  Smart.  Fantastic.  I could spend all day writing how I feel about this "You have to read this!" book.

Now that 2016 is nearly half finished, I realize that I've been reading drivel all year.  For months I've read books that have entertained but didn't transform.  This week, though, I finally had a book crush:
The World's Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne  It's a memoir about an LDS strongman librarian with Tourette's syndrome.  That sounds like a lot of things to be, but this book and its author are so much more than that.  The author is a smart, funny man full of heart and hope.  READ.  THIS.  BOOK!

I have more hours of quilting to do than hours left in the day.  I will listen to the next book in the pile.  If I am lucky, it will entertain me but I am not greedy enough to expect another book crush .  (Shhhh.... part of me hopes for exactly that!)


allthingzsewn said...

Very pretty do. Have a good time at you at your top secret quilting event.
I think I'll go to Cracker Barrel and pickup a novel CD. Duh! How about I go to the library and get a CD.

Suegodfrey said...

I too love listening to audio books when I quilt. I never finish a book in one sitting though, lucky you. Thanks for the recommendations, will look them up. Hugs xx

Bett Herndon said...

If you haven't listen to Girl on the Train, do. It is really, really good. The Big Stone Gap trilogy by Adriana Trigiani and read by her, are also very good. I am hung up on Jojo Moyes books at the moment, also very entertaining. Happy reading/listening.