Friday, August 26, 2016

Cutie Quilt -- Stepping Stones (machine quilting video)

I recently finished another Cutie Quilt from my Stepping Stones pattern:

This simple quilt makes me happier than I can express.  I love the high contrast of the royal blue fabric against Pat Sloan's fabrics.

This quilt has a 20-inch block.  That's a big block!

I could have quilted it in small sections, but I loaded the quilt on my Handi Quilter Fusion (her name is "Bella") and was able to quilt the entire block without rolling the quilt:

I quilted TONS of ribbon candy on this quilt, because ribbon candy is the world's most perfect quilting design.  See:

I used Royal Robes, one of my FabuLux threads, on the royal blue fabric.

Since the thread is blue, purple, and green it might seem risky, but I quilted a pillow as a test to see if I liked the thread color.

I did!  I really liked the color!

I used a Mini Scallop ruler with Handi Grip to quilt the simple "X" in each rectangle.

I chose Hint of Lime from my FabuLux threads because... well... it's LIME!

This quilt has to work as a sample for a while, but I will pine away for it an anxiously await its return!

This quilt is one of a series.  I bought a fat quarter pack of Pat Sloan fabrics and decided to make this Oh My Stars Cutie Quilt:

When I finished this quilt, I had enough fabric to make a Squared Away Cutie Quilt:

See more details and machine quilting videos on this quilt series HERE

So, I've now made three quilts from the same fat quarter pack from Quilting Possibilities, and I still have fabric left.  Which quilt should I make next?


Brenda Barry said...

I really like both the thread colors!!!

JanetMy08 said...

Amazing work as usual.