Thursday, May 10, 2018

Quilting is the Best Medicine

Due to some regularly scheduled medical treatments, I am on sick leave this week.  My body is fighting against my infusion so I'm tired, but I'm also on super-high doses of steroids so I'm high-strung and wired.  Let's just say it's interesting being me this week.   I'm not my smartest, so I'm trying to avoid actual work where making a mistake would be a bad thing.  What does sick leave look like when you are self-employed?  It looks like giving yourself permission to sleep until noon, nap frequently, and play in the sewing room when able.

Playing in the sewing room looked like this:

I dove head-first into my box of 1 1/2" scrap squares.  I sewed them together with some white sashing until I ran out of squares.   My 70"x70" quilt is currently 70"x20".  I need to keep quilting and making scraps so I can finish this quilt!

Keeping me company while quilting was Palace of Treason, book two in the Red Sparrow trilogy.  As soon as I see a trailer for a new movie, I check to see if it is based on a book and then read the book while waiting for the movie to come out on disc at the library.  This book gave me three books to occupy my time while waiting to see Jennifer Lawrence play a Russian/American/double? agent.

I'm taking another sick day today.  I need to find a new quilt project and a new book since I am at a waiting spot on each.  Any suggestions?


barbara woods said...

that pattern is on my list of to-do's

Vireya said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.