Friday, January 25, 2019

Quilt Finish Friday

Earlier this month, I finished several quilt tops at my quilt retreat.  Since I'm trying to reduce the number of UFOs, I'm trying to quilt my tops shortly after they are finished.

This quilt was from a scrap quilt Sunday at the Quilt Basket waaaay back in 2000 or thereabouts.  I pulled out some dotty fat quarters and set the blocks with newly purchased black and white dots with a newly purchased purple dotted border.  I had enough to make two quilt tops, and this first one is going to a friend's granddaughter in Pittsburgh:

Gotta start them young, right?

I quilted this quilt with a simple swirl to keep it fluffy and cuddly:

Welcome to the world, little one!


MDTerp said...

Gorgeous quilt, Debby! You inspired me to try a string block with my scraps. I'm addicted to string blocks!! I quickly ran out of scraps and had to cut from my stash. In less than a week, I have 28, 7-inch string blocks. Now, to figure out what to make with them!

Diana Louie, The Village Fabric Shoppe said...

We must be on the same wavelength, I blogged about finishing quilts today too!!

Pamela Arbour said...

Congratulations! Love the coordinating fabrics you chose to finish the blocks. I know this one will be well loved.