Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Count me in!

Today I turned 40. I am completely not upset by this. In nearly all areas of my life, I'm the youngest in the crowd. While I'm still the youngest, I finally feel fully adult.

My daughter left this for me:

So, how do I feel?

Let's see. I started today having breakfast with a friend. It was great catching up with her and watching her baby girl swim in her belly. Elbows and knees and other pointy body parts stuck out of her abdomen at random. She's due at the end of the month and I can't wait to meet the baby!

After 8 long months, I got my hair cut this afternoon. The old cut held up for about 6 months, but the last two months have been looking kind of ragged. I was travelling and sick and didn't have a chance for a hair cut until today. My Jennifer is a marvel and I won't wait another 8 months to see her again.

Next came the toes. I decided to stop for a pedicure. My hairdresser recommended this place and they were amazing. The service was awesome. It actually made me rethink how I serve others. I want to be like them -- gladly anticipating and meeting the needs of others.

After this tiring list of unpleasant chores, I stopped for my favorite tea (Panera chai tea latte). I stopped at home to work briefly before dining with my family.

Red Robin burgers all around! They made my day by carding me. Their policy states that they card until 39 1/2, so I must look at least six months younger than I am!

A little blue box showed up at my house. Way cool! My wrist has been shockingly unadorned for far too long.

I think I heard mention of cake. I love cake.

In short, I feel great! If every day of 40 is like this, I'll take it gladly and recommend it to others.


Wisdom of the ages: when you get a pedicure, be sure to wear sandals so your pinky toes aren't polish-free by the time you return home. I know this, now that I'm 40.

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