Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Finish -- holiday quilt

You can look at this week's finished quilt one of two ways: as being a month late, or being eleven months early. I prefer to think of myself as being early.

I recently published a new pattern, Too Hip to Be Square. I designed it as a teaching tool; it's the quilt I use to teach my home machine quilters. We do stitch-in-the-ditch and lots of free-motion quilting. When I taught the class this fall, I made a new sample using Halloween Fabric.

Since I finished the binding on Thanksgiving, I'm eleven months early and well-prepared for next Halloween. Thankfully, I had a spare pumpkin and some candy around today for the photo!
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Kim said...

How wouldn't that cute on my round kitchen table?
Oh yes it would!

Happy sewing

grendelskin said...

Sweet! Now you'll have to wait almost a whole year to use it; won't it be a thrill to set out a brand-new topper with the work so long complete?