Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday finish -- Mom's bedspread

You probably remember that I've made my mother a lot of tablerunners. What I haven't made for her are a lot of bed quilts. Over the past 25 years I've only made her three and I think she should throw one of them away -- I scissor-cut the squares from my leftover clothing fabric, sewed it with 5/8" seams, backed it with a cheap bed sheet, and tied it with embroidery floss. It's the first quilt-type-thing I ever made. It's falling apart and I'm embarrassed by it. Shouldn't she throw it away? Leave your vote in the comments.

So last fall Mom sent out some serious hints that she wants a new bedspread. She likes bright colors. My solution to Mom's shocking lack of bed quilts:

I used my Dream a Little Dream pattern. It can be made from layer cakes, fat quarters or yardage, but I made it from bright fabric scraps that I had on hand. It is 99x98 inches, very easy to piece and slightly time-consuming to bind (it's a huge quilt!).

(If you look at the background of the photo you will see patched drywall. Yes, that's my bedroom. It's seriously under construction.)

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Deb said...

Sorry, Debby, I'm on your mom's side. Although I DO think, to save you from embarrassment, that she should promise not to show it to anyone outside the family LOL!

Jennifer said...

I'm on your side, Debby. I think the old quilt should be disposed of, but if your mom ios anything like mine she'll keep it till the end of time. Maybe you can convince her to put it under the new one, or better yet, under the mattress! Jennifer Collard

Darx said...

I totally think your mom should keep that old quilt. Maybe she might keep it in a box in the attic and not on a bed, but no, I don't think it should get thrown out. Sorry! This new one is LOVELY. Lucky mom!

AnneMarie said...

Oh my goodness NO! Don't throw away your first quilt, no matter how hideous it is! My first wasn't even tied!

Great quilt for your mom BTW!

Thanks for entering your quilt in the Love Nest Quilt Contest and best of luck!

AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters