Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Finish -- Sharon's Shams

Last fall my sister let me know what she wanted for Christmas: new pillow shams to match her quilt. Well, I made her quilt BB (before blogging) so I don't have a photo of the quilt. I remember that it was made with 30s reproduction fabrics, though.

I had a notion of sewing ruffles to the pillows and after a lot of work, here are the shams:

The ruffling process went something like this:

1. Borrow ruffler sewing machine attachment from friend.
2. Spend a few hours figuring out how it worked.
3. Spend another few hours trying it on the actual fabric.
4. Decide that I didn't like the look of it.
5. Attempt machine gathering with a basting stitch.
6. Realize that the fabric was really thick and the thread was just going to keep breaking.
7. Thread a needle and start making the ruffles by hand.

So simple, even a child could do it!

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1 comment:

Kim said...

Not this child!
Very cute idea.....I hope she loves them.

Happy Sewing