Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday finish -- Grandbaby Quilt

I have no grandchildren and I need to stress that my son and his wife ARE NOT EXPECTING. I repeat: there are no babies on the way!

Having said that, I can find no reason not to make quilts for my non-existent grandbabies.

I made a new sample of my Too Hip to Be Square pattern using Bear Essentials from P & B Textiles.

Won't this quilt be a perfect floor quilt for when my future grandbabies come to play at my house?

I thought so, too.

Some close-ups of the quilting:

I chose bright orange thread for the entire quilt because, hey, why not?

And in case you weren't paying attention at the beginning of this post, I'll say one more time: I am not expecting to become a grandmother any time soon. No babies. Got it? I don't want to start getting phone calls about this.

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Bonnie said...

There is nothing that says you can't plan ahead. I speak from experience ... grand kids are wonderful. Of course, I only have the one 6 month old baby... but I love hanging around with her when I can which isn't all that often.

That's some quilt. And, wow, the quilting is fabulous. Bonnie/va

Terri said...

What GB would not love that quilt. Color and texture will spark lots of investigation. Good for you... thinking ahead. Not going to be rushed or on a deadline! I have a couple of quilts in the works for GGBs my grands are in their late teens, and it's only a matter of time, isn't it?

~The Bargain Babe said...

Saw you at lit & laundry. What a unique shaped quilt! It is so neat!

Kim said...

Oh great I do hope a baby shower invitation.....have they picked out names? what is the due date!
Oh all so exciting!.....Wait.......
Oh....I see.

Happy sewing and Grandma dreaming