Saturday, October 29, 2011

Toonie or not toonie...

... that is the question.

I just finished teaching 10 quilting classes at Central Sewing in Edmonton, Alberta. I met so many amazing quilters and had a fantastic time here!

Since I am flying directly to Houston tomorrow, I asked at my hotel about laundry facilities. The desk clerk, Nicole, said, "It is coin operated, but we have loonies at the front desk." Um..... ok..... huh? There are likely loonies at the front desk of many hotels, but they don't proudly advertise that fact. After thinking for a while, I bravely asked, "Are loonies coins?"

We had a long conversation about American money and Canadian money. Apparently paper money in Canada starts with the five-dollar bill. They have a one-dollar coin called a "loonie" and a two-dollar coin called a "toonie." How did I not know this?

Thanks to one of my students, I am now the proud owner of a toonie:

Thanks Bill!

Nicole is the proud owner of an American dollar bill. She seems as excited as I am!

I'm a little sad to be leaving Edmonton, but I'm thrilled to be heading to the warm weather of Houston!

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grendelskin said...

That's so funny! I know about Loonies but not about Toonies. Our neighbors have an approach that's much sweeter than ours I think! (And more efficient - they've got two feasible coins and we've made two attempts at a $1 coin and both have flopped!)