Thursday, June 07, 2012

How I handle frustration

 Remember this magazine cover?:

It came in handy when I was recovering from post-vacation trauma.  Unfortunately, my challenges did not abate.  My head was getting rather sore from banging it against the magazine on my tabletop.  I thought a softer landing place might help:

The words were quilted with two threads through the needle at once:  30-weight rayon and 50-weight cotton.  The circle was stitched with an 8-weight thread in the bobbin (I quilted it upside down).  The background threads were both 100-weight polyesters.  I, of course, used my sweet Sweet Sixteen!

I found the perfect place to hang my little quilt:

The particular challenges I was dealing with have been resolved (I hope!) and I have sent this quilt on its way to someone who needs it more than I do.


Darx said...

Love it! That is great. I had thought it was going to be the cover of a pillow. And of course now I want a pillow that says bang head here :)

Jessim said...

OMG! I love this so much.
Do you mind if I steal your idea?

Kim said...

Too cute.....did you take a close up of the finished quilting? Made me laugh!

Happy Sewing my crazy friend

Big Rig John said...

Oh yes - my sentiments this week!

Gail said...

Ya' know, Debbie, I bet you could market that item and make some bucks. It really came out well. Thanks for sharing.

Helen in the UK said...

Great quilting on this one! Glad to hear your issues have resolved and you no longer need to 'bang head here' :)