Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday in St. Petersburg, Russia

I taught today and had so. much. fun!!!  Teaching through an interpreter was much easier than I expected it to be.  I speak about 10 words of Russian and most students spoke about that much English.  A few students spoke more, some spoke none at all.  We understood each other fine for most things even without the interpreter.  Maybe this NY gal can really talk with her hands?

Using an interpreter, one of my students thanked me for my youTube videos. She said that she practiced and learned the patterns by watching the videos.  My heart soared!  She is apparently a subscriber to channel: debbybrownquilts if you are interested in subscribing too.

After work tonight, we took a cruise on the River Neva. The tour guide spoke in Russian so I have no idea what happened where on which date, but the buildings?.... heavenly!  I took a lot of photos until my camera lens got wet; it is raining pretty steadily here and is supposed to continue to do so.

Apparently, a few of my friends from Williamsburg followed me here:

What do you think they sell in this shop?

I am now a member of the borscht-eating public.  It was rather delicious -- who knew?!?!

It is midnight here and the sun just set.  It is time for some sleep before tomorrow's adventures!


PKM said...

Sounds fabulous! have tons of fun! See you soon! Peggy

cmorrow said...

Debby, this all sounds so exciting. How blessed you are to be able to do this. I am so happy for you.

Kim said...

Oh Wow!
Can't wait to hear more........get some sleep

Happy Teaching

SkiChic said...

Awesome, Debby! and what a fabulous experience for you (and your students)! Looking forward to hearing more!! :)