Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Safari in Williamsburg

I just spent a few days in Williamsburg, VA or as I affectionately call it, The Surface of the Sun:

We enjoyed our safari immensely.

The Frog-Pole:

This duck that came a-knockin' at my door in the morning:

Someone must have told him that I had bread.

Maybe the duck wanted to eat the Frog-pole?

At night, we were introduced to the Virginia State Bird -- the barking tree frog.  How can something this small be so incredibly loud?

The first duck told his friends about me:

Oh, there was a bit of history in Williamsburg, VA, too:

I would love to go to Williamsburg again, but probably not in July.

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Kim said...

Just be grateful you didn't have to wear as much clothing as the guy on the horse! I hear August is even hotter!

Happy Sewing and safe travels