Friday, January 25, 2013

My Quilting Sister

Have you ever met someone and just "clicked"?*  That happened the first time I met Teri Lucas.

I think we officially met in person at a modern quilt guild, even though we had been internet buddies for a while.

That day I showed one of my favorite quilts:

She liked it, too.  She made one in her own Teri-style as a sample when she was teaching at Houston last fall.

This week I had a wonderful time at lunch with her:

It was Krispy Kreme donut bread pudding.  You would have had the same reaction, I promise!

At lunch, she gave me a present:

She made me a "Bang Head Here" quilt!  I gave mine away and I miss my quilt.  This is hanging on my sewing room wall now, ready to help me out in case of emergency.

I can't wait to meet up with Teri again.  Watch for her machine quilting classes at some quilt shows this year!

*  I know that the ? is technically supposed to be inside the " ", but it just seems weird to me so I choose to ignore that rule.  I am a punctuation rebel.

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The Calico Cat said...

"Punctuation rebel" - I love it!

From the girl who texts in complete sentences.