Friday, November 08, 2013

The Ink Blot Test

This quilt was fun to make:

It was also fun to hear what other quilter's thought of it.  I heard "Champagne!" and "Bubblebaths!" and "Bubblegum!"  I loved hearing people interpret this quilt the way that worked best for them.  

The truth behind the quilt was simple:  my friend Teri is stitching a billion bubbles on a quilt.  This quilt was made because I tease her that she is "bubbly".  This quilt is for her.

Several people also said they would try this technique at home.  I would love to see photos of their work.  Post them on my FaceBook page or email them to me!

If you would like further instruction on Blended-Thread Free-Motion Embroidery, I cover this technique on one of my new DVDs:

The DVD is available online or from your local Handi Quilter rep.

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