Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 47

I had so much fun in the Sweet Sixteen classroom today!

My hotel room has two beds, so one bed is obviously the quilt binding bed:

Did you notice the view?

Y'know, THIS view:

I am drinking lots and lots of water to avoid elevation sickness and am (fingers crossed) successful so far.

Fun fact:  My room and the classrooms are in two different buildings.  The first few times I walked between them, I counted 84 stairs and about a quarter mile of straight up-edness.  I found a better path -- only 22 actual stairs but the same amount of UP.  Tomorrow I'll turn on my MapMyRun app to see the actual distance and HEIGHT of the walk.

Come and join me on that walk.  You can be a member of "The Huff 'N Puff Club" too!

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