Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hotel tour of 2014 -- Night 52

I had a great day with my beginner longarm quilting students at Quilt Canada.  I was a little nervous this morning, though, when I saw this sign outside my classroom:

Fortunately the educational drama stayed outside of my classroom.  Inside the classroom was a group of happy, happy quilters.

For lunch, this New Yorker sampled a bit of Canadian pizza:

And pronounced it "not bad!"  (High praise from a NY pizza snob).

Back in my dorm room tonight, I tried to plug my computer into the ethernet jack for higher internet speed.  Where o where might an ethernet jack be?

Above the desk?


Beside the desk?


Under the desk?

Nope, and I even crawled looking for it.

How about beside the bed?

Yep.  Oddly enough this is where I would like it, even though I looked all around the desk area first.

Three cheers for high-speed internet! 

1 comment:

mlisshouston said...

You were so smart to bring an Ethernet cord : )
You must have encountered this before...I was not so lucky : (
However, When walking back from Merchants Mall at 7 pm tonight I thought....I wonder if I ask nicely at the registration desk if they have an Ethernet cord I could borrow....such great people here. As you can tell, I'm able to use the internet : )