Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 53

I had so much fun with my students at Quilt Canada today!

The Amazing Amy from Handi Quilter was a great help in the classroom.  She's not only beautiful, but really smart, too.

I managed to get over to see the vendor mall today:

I measured the distance on my running app -- it is .7 miles from my dorm room to the show floor.  I'm so glad that Quilt Canada is concerned about my cardiovascular fitness level and has a plan to increase my health!

I left campus for a bit and was tickled to see this sign above a tanning salon?

Puerto Backyarda?  I was the only one in my group who found this absolutely hilarilous?  Am I wrong?

Oh, and about that hotel room -- Remember the bed?

I never mentioned that it is super-firm and I actually sleep really well on it.  I did mention that I bring my own bedding, though.

Doesn't this look better?


Mary said...

Much better!

PatSloan said...

the bed is scary