Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Road to California!

Last week, I had the thrill and honor to teach at Road to California.

I live in New York and skipping a week of January weather ROCKED!

Can you remind me why I don't live in southern California?  I forgot.

I taught three full days on Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteens:

and three full days on Handi Quilter Avantes:

I had some amazing support in the classroom from Lynn and Kelly:

These ladies are ah-ma-zing!

I had a quilt hanging in the faculty exhibit:

I made "Radio Edit" to feature my Word of the Year from 2013.  It was a great word and never a day passed when it didn't apply to one situation or another.

Sadly, I had to come home.  Even worse, I came home to this:

It wasn't the blizzard they predicted it to be, but it wasn't palm trees, either!

I hope to be able to teach again at Road to California.  If you haven't been to that show yet, mark your calendars for next January!

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Bonnie said...

Having moved out of California 30 something years ago here's why: it's crowded as all get out. Traffic is a mess. And it is all kind of expensive to live there. And they really don't have enough water to support the population....

Some year I'm going to Road to Ca. Just don't know which year!