Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowbound... Again.

I often complain about winter travel difficulties:  cancelled flights, de-icing delays, etc., but today I was reminded that I am blessed to not deal with a daily commute in the nasty white stuff.  I taught a class at a quilt shop less than an hour away from home.  There was no snow when the class started, but the last student left with still a half-hour of class time to go.  Then I, the steadfast teacher, had to drive home.  Wow.  Apparently, I never drive in the snow.  The roads were horrible and I hated every inch of that drive.

So, my hat is off to those who deal with a daily commute in the awful winter weather.  I am a princess who doesn't drive in the snow and I don't envy you for a second.  I also want to tip my hat to the road crews in my town.  The awful roads got a whole lot better once I crossed the border into my town.  Great job guys!  Keep up the good work, Town of East Fishkill road crew!

Now that I am safely home, I don't plan to leave again until this storm (#4,832 of the season) is over.  I will lock myself in my sewing room, plug my headphones into a good audiobook, and quilt!

What I won't be reading:

Any books/novellas about Jack Reacher.

It has taken a while, but I have finally read every novel and tracked down every short story and novella featuring Jack Reacher.  19 books, 4 novellas, and 1 short story.  I am now waiting, impatiently, for the 20th novel, Make Me, to be released later this year.

Dear Mr. Lee Child:  WRITE FASTER!

I know several other quilters who have read books in this series.  What do you do while you are waiting for another book to be published?

And in case you were wondering about the Jack Reacher book-to-movie adaptation:  TOM CRUISE IS NOT JACK REACHER!

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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I've driven in the snow, but I do NOT like it ... and the older I'm getting, the more I do not like it. I didn't realize that the Jack Reacher movie was a book-to-movie adaptation ... I wonder if that series is available in audiobook format (which is the only way I'm able to "read" since I can't seem to pull myself away from my quilting long enough to read a "real" book - ha!).