Saturday, May 02, 2015

Ipso This

Last year, someone gave me a Amazon Prime membership as a gift.  I have since let it expire, but one of the benefits of Amazon Prime is free video streaming.  I found that I could commit to Amazon television shows as easiliy as I commit to Netflix shows.  Apparently I'm easily committed.

One of the shows I binge-watched on Amazon was "NYPD Blue."  I remember watching the first season on television.  It was likely the last year I had a television.  I thought it was ground-breaking television and a well-written drama.  All of these years later, my opinion didn't change.

I binge-watched all 14 seasons of this show and got a lot of quilting done during those hours!  I felt the entire last season was a wrap-up, but I didn't mind watching the show wind down.  I think another year would have been a year too many.

Have you committed to this show?  First run?  Or on Amazon Prime?

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