Friday, November 27, 2015

At Home, Day Four -- a Finished Project!

I am trying to make the most of my 42 consecutive days at home.  Do I sound excited to be home?  Because I am.  Really and truly I am.

I want to use this time to get caught up on unfinished tasks, get prepared for the year ahead, catch up with family and friends, and quilt until I wilt.

My first finished quilt project was for a special young man who loves firetrucks.

I purchased a car and truck quilt pattern approximately 20 years ago.  I know that I will likely never make the entire quilt, but a single block made into a pillow seemed possible.  I traced the pattern onto some Heat N Bond:

I machine appliqued all of those little pieces in place.  I have great admiration for people who are good at machine applique because I am not.  The pieces are attached and that's all I can claim.  I used WonderFil cotton threads for the applique and they covered up many of my inadequacies:

I turned that one block into a "flop on the floor pillow" for a toddler in my life.  I use this pattern for my pillows and they come out perfectly every time.

In one afternoon, I was able to create this:

It is not the finest work I have ever done, but there is a lot of love in that pillow.  It was a great first finish for my six weeks at home.

What shall I quilt next?


Doreen Auger said...

Savor every moment.....they somehow manage to evaporate when exposed to daylight! (insert smile) Love the firetruck pillow and the red flange sets it off perfectly. "Homemade" is always best cuz the "heart" ingredient is included!!
Blessings, dear talented bloggy friend, and may His Peace surround you and permeate your life (especially in this hectic season now upon us). The "Reason for the Season" is the "Reason for our Lives" throughout the entire year. Hugs..........................

Lesley UK said...

I think the fire engine cushion is just beautiful. You did a wonderful job! Blessings