Monday, January 04, 2016

My Latest Cutie Pattern -- Scarves to Share

Do you need a quick gift?  Or a quick pick-me-up for yourself as the days are short and dark and cold?  Let me recommend my latest Cutie Pattern -- Scarves to Share:

I love this pattern for so many reasons:

1.  It is my 10th Cutie pattern
2.  It is economical and I'm a super-frugal gal (only uses 8 fat eighth cuts per scarf)
3.  It is great for gift-giving and I love giving gifts!
4.  It is an easy accessory to make and wear
5.  I finally can wear a scarf without it falling off!
6.  I can make one from each of my favorite fabric collections and I already have quite a collection, including Minions

My scarf has a secret:

And yes, I filmed that while recovering from the random lung infection that plagued me for most of December.   I was thrilled to not cough even once during the very short video!

I think my next scarf will be made from Sun Print fabrics.  Or maybe Asuka.  Oh wait... I've been saving that Hello Kitty fabric!  Stay tuned for more Scarves to Share.

1 comment:

Marsha Hodgkins said...

Being of an age to need a pair of 'cheaters' or reading glasses, the idea of your scarf's "secret" makes complete sense to me! Nice going, Debbie.