Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Sometimes, being a quilt designer is quite amusing.  I named my newest pattern Tutti Frutti and repeated to myself "Tutti Frutti Cutie Pattern" as I was binding it.  I can't say that ten times fast, nor can I say it one time slow, so I basically giggled my way through the binding.

This small quilt is fun, easy, and ADORABLE:

This was made using yummy, yummy Sew Batik fabrics.

As someone who doesn't actually like batik fabrics, it surprised me to fall in love with Sew Batik fabrics.  I can't wait to use more of their fabrics!

I quilted this quilt using FabuLux Mellow Yellow thread and a DecoBob bobbin.  I used ribbon candy, ferns, and continuous curve and I taught all of those patterns in one of my Craftsy classes (click HERE to get the class for $20 off retail price).*

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Crystal_235 said...

Cute quilt!