Friday, February 02, 2018

The Force is Strong in this Marriage

My husband and I freely admit our freaky-geeky ways.  We are absolutely passionate about diverse subjects that might seem weird to others.

Me:  Quilting
Him:  Video gaming
Me:  Hello Kitty
Him:  Star Wars
Me:  Chocolate cake
Him:  Heavy Metal music

I decided to combine two of our passions and have been gifting him with Star Wars quilted items.  I finally finished his Christmas present:

"I can't see anything in this helmet!"

It's the mask from a Storm Trooper.  None of this furniture lives where it is shown in this photo and the pillow will really live on the sofa:

I like having a "glamour shot" of my projects, but now you know the behind-the-scenes truth.

Making the pillow was terribly simple.  I sketched out the face, fused it to white fabric, and appliqued it down:

"Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?"

I added batting so the flange would stand up, but there is no quilting in this pillow.  So quick and easy!

This isn't the first Star Wars quilted item in Super Hubby's collection; I sent him a Death Star postcard when I was out of town earlier this month:

"That's not a moon; it's a space station!"

Apparently, this lives above his desk at work.

I have plans for more geeky quilting.  Some of it is Star Wars, some from other geeky obsessions, and some are just family inside jokes!

Do you have fun with your quilting?  What geeky interests have you merged with quilting?

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Lisa said...

I've done a couple of Star Wars quilts myself. The first was a baby quilt for geek friends. I didn't know they were naming their daughter from the Star Wars universe when I gave it to them.

Then, a year later when the above new father wasn't allowed to keep said baby quilt for himself, he commissioned his own Star Wars quilt.