Friday, October 05, 2018

Doubly Sweet

I finished one of the quilt tops I pieced during my month of recovery from medical treatments.

I pieced a Sweet Tooth Cutie quilt using my black, brown, and yellow 1 1/2" scrap strips and this was the result:

I quilted ribbon candy, the world's sweetest machine quilting pattern, in the cream background strips:

Did you know that I have stencils that can help you stitch accurate 1" ribbon candy?

I used Quilter's Dream Wool batting and it really makes the unquilted strips POP!

I give away most of my quilts, and this Storm Trooper agrees that this quilt is perfect for a man.  Maybe I'll bring it to a Coffee with a Cop day and show a local officer my appreciation.  (One of my closest female friends was a police officer, but in my town male officers FAR outnumber female officers.)

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