Thursday, November 07, 2019

Houston Quilt Market / Quilt Festival 2019

This was my 14th year in Houston for Quilt Market / Quilt Festival and I can honestly say that it was the best one ever!  Part of it was because I finally figured out how to prep for all of my classes without over-stressing (hint: take a day off to cut my fabric when I get to the convention center) and I also figured out that it's ok to pass on evening fun activities in favor of rest.  Quilt Market was great, Quilt Festival classes were great, and spending eleven days with the quilt world was WONDERFUL!

I love that I get to travel with my quilting friend Teri Lucas.  She brings me cake.

Fortunately, there is a FedEx inside the convention center in case someone (not me, surely!) buys too much to carry home

Standing in line for the restrooms makes me want to commandeer the men's room to help all of us poor women out!

I caught the hand-piecing bug while I was in Houston.  It's highly contagious.  I plan to spread it to you so watch for it!

I visited with the fun folks at Bluprint.  It was weird to see my Bluprint machine quilting classes on their televisions every time I walked down that aisle (close to the food court so lunchtime was interesting).

Are you a member of Bluprint?  Consider a Free Trial!

Quilting friends are a huge part of Quilt Market and Quilt Festival.  I've been privileged to call Angela Walters a friend for nearly a decade and it was fun catching up with her.  On camera, even!

Oh, and did you you know that there were quilts in Houston?  This hugely amazing blue and white quilt exhibit took my breath away!

The next Quilt Market is in Pittsburgh, PA in May and then we get to enjoy Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston again next October.  It seems so far away and I know from experience that it'll be here in a snap!


Unknown said...

Hi Debby,
Really enjoyed your two classes on Saturday. You are such a positive and fun person to be with! Besides rulers as shown by you, I also got paper piecing STUFF. I cannot quilt by hand any longer, but paper piecing allows me to indulge in TV and be productive at the same time.
Thank you for being such a wonderful person and teacher. Annick H.

Eileen said...

Glad you and Teri had a good time. You deserved the break from the house!