Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Forrest Gump

Last week when I was donating platelets, the people at the blood bank were playing Forrest Gump. I was lying under the television set, so I couldn't actually see the movie, but simply listening to it reminded me what a great movie it was. I watched it a few days ago and fell it love with it all over again. "So I went to the White House, AGAIN..."

Since I enjoyed a Tom Hanks movie so much, I thought I'd watch another one. Last night I watched The Money Pit. My husband watched this movie while we were dating and it was hysterical then. Four years ago we bought our first home. It's a great house, but a bit of a fixer-upper. Watching The Money Pit. again after living through a few fiascos (ceiling collapse, leaking roof, broken pipes, etc.) made the movie even funnier. We haven't had the bathtub fall through the floor yet, or the stairs completely collapse, but the week is still young.

What Tom Hanks movie to watch next?


Kab said...

funny my dear daughter and I were just talking about Tom Hanks can make you believe he is the character.....
we love them all..... even Splash which wasn't a great movie but he is so dear in it

How many days until the BIG Event?

debby said...

Eight days until the Event and no handbag yet. I'll have something to do over the weekend, I guess. What stage am I up to now?

This is stressful, but it's a fun stress, and I'm really looking forward to the Event. And all the other places that I'm going to make my darling husband take me now that I have a great outfit and shoes.