Friday, February 17, 2006


Did you ever have a day when you just couldn't wake up? Well, it's 8:30 at night and I'm still waiting to wake up. I'm physically tired, but looking at the calendar for the next few days makes me even more exhausted.

I finished a customer quilt today, with several more due too soon. Since I have so much quilting to do, I'll be able to post on books that I've listened to while working.

Here's the first one:

Due to an issue in the local schools, I was looking into books that have been banned. This one came up as one of the top banned books in the last 50 years. I finished listening to it today and cannot say that it's my favorite book. I wouldn't have banned it, but I wouldn't have had elementary school students read it, either. It has some interesting things to say.

You know how mindless and fun movies are called 'popcorn movies'? In order to finish 7 more quilts by Tuesday while teaching and fulfilling other obligations, I need a good 'popcorn book'. Mindless fun that keeps me from noticing that I'm spending hours and hours standing at the machine. Suggestions? I have several books from the library in the house, and the 900+ I can download from the library. I'll try several and see what works.

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Kay said...

popcorn books:

any of the Amelia Peabody mysteries-- Elizabeth Peters is author, I think; if you're not familiar with these the main character is an Egyptologist; very funny

Bridget Jones Diary

Patty Jane's House of Curl (I'm not sure if that's quite the title--author's name is Lorna Ludvick)

Anything by Elmore Leonard; they're more violent than the above

Spenser books by Robert Parker

I also recently listened to My Sister's Keeper and enjoyed it very much--not as light as some of others

have fun