Tuesday, September 05, 2006

File this under 'easily amused'

So, tonight I'm driving home and I see something on the road in front of my mailbox. As I get closer it spreads it's huge wings and flies into a tree. Hawk? Turkey vulture? But it's nighttime. Bat? No, definitely a bird.

I pulled the car around so the headlights hit the tree. I looked up and saw this:

This is not a picture of the actual owl. It is, however, a picture of a different Barred Owl. Goofy looking thing, huh? The field guide said it was 19-21 inches long, and I definitely agree. It was HUGE!

I sat and stared at it for a while. I giggled because it was just so darn cool to actually see an owl in my yard! They may be there all the time, but to actually get to sit and watch it? Wow! The owl stared back, occasionally trying to unscrew it's head. I felt through my purse for my camera. No luck. As if my wonderful camera and excellent photography skills would have produced a photo of anything other than a dark blob in the dark night. I gently drove under Woodsy Owl (anyone remember him? -- Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!) and parked at the top of my driveway. My son and I went out to see if the owl was still there. Being that I live in the dark woods and didn't bring a flashlight with me, he probably was but we couldn't see him with only the neighbor's reverse lights from across the street.

Who is it that I'm becoming, anyway? I used to be all, "I don't do outside." I was almost OK when I was just running and hiking. But birdwatching? What's next -- gardening? Heaven forbid! When I say, "Look at this beautiful tomato I just picked from my garden," schedule an intervention. When I actually eat the tomato, dial 911.


EileenKNY said...

Gotta get you into the city, girl. Where would you put a garden? Outside your studio? You could watch the tomatoes grow!!!

Marla said...

yay! when u r ready to garden, i'll come help!! :) that's so cool that u saw that owl...definitely not an everday experience!

Mom2many said...

My sister is a bird watcher and even has her bird guide complete with checkmarks and everything. I tease her relentlessly, in love of course. She is also a gardener. Oh, to be so in touch with nature...
Great job on the running too!!!